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MBK Center, also known as Mahboonkrong or Mabunkrong , is an enormous marble shopping mall in Bangkok, Thailand. At eight stories high and 330 metres long, with 2,500 shops using a total selling area of 89,000 square metres, this shopping mall used to be one of the biggest malls in Asia when it was first founded in 1985. It is particularly well known for its many vendors of mobile phones and other electronics, as well as furniture, stores.
MBK Center has an average of 105,000 customers daily,
and is considered to be the most visited mall in the country.
The mall was renovated in 2003-2004 and has become one
of the most recognizable buildings in Bangkok. 

Other features
• SF Group's SF Cinema City multiplex, karaoke rooms and
bowling alley
• Internet cafes and gaming parlors.
• Food courts as well as numerous restaurants and fast-food
• Shops selling clothes, cosmetics and leather items.
• Jewellers and gold dealers.
• Information technology accessories and electronics,
particularly mobile phones, are a specialty.

The Platinum Fashion Mall is a 5 billion baht (100 million euro) shopping mall in Pratunam, Bangkok, Thailand, which specializes in fashion clothes and accessories retail and wholesale.[1] It is a
six-storey complex with an 11-storey condominium building above
the complex.

The clothes shops operate on the principle that buying 1 piece is a
retail sale and warrants retail price, but buying 3 (or sometimes more) pieces is wholesale and you get the wholesale price. An example of pricing structure is 1 men's shirt retail 250 baht, 3 shirts wholesale
500 baht.

The mall is on Phetchaburi Road, next to Pantip Plaza and opposite Pratunam Complex, a 14-storey mall. It is also near Central World
Plaza. Platinum 2, located at the grounds next to Platinum 1 is due
to completed in March 2011.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Platinum_Fashion_Mall

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